Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Griers: Julie, Adam, Jackson & Connor

WM 20110409 Grier 022
Racing games, hide and seek, upside down smiles, children frozen in mid-flight, the beautiful Oglethorpe campus, plus the two amazing parents were all highlights of this shoot.
Julie and her family are not only super photogenic, but pure fun to be around.
WM 20110409 Grier 018 WM 20110409 Grier 008 WM 20110409 Grier 021
The youngest, Connor, was a little shy in the beginning, but warmed up and owned the camera towards the end.
WM 20110409 Grier 009
He was probably just waiting for his older brother, Jackson, to wear himself out.
WM 20110409 Grier 015 WM 20110409 Grier 016 WM 20110409 Grier 017
…as we soon realized (and as Julie and Adam already well knew) these kids are on full throttle, all the time.
WM 20110409 Grier 011 WM 20110409 Grier 010
Both Adam and Julie, having worked on campus in the past, knew it well and took us to all the right spots, while the kids took care of the rest, resulting in some awesome experiences (and fun pictures!) which we can only hope to repeat with future families.
WM 20110409 Grier 005 WM 20110409 Grier 004
We left this photoshoot wishing it had never ended. Thanks so much Julie and Adam for letting us take your pictures and thanks Jackson and Connor for giving us pictures that are going to keep us laughing for a long time coming.
WM 20110409 Grier 013

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