Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hannah & Shawn

I’ve know Hannah and her family for more years than I can even count. (Well, I can count, but I can’t actually remember how long it’s been. Maybe something like 20 years?) They are easily some of my favorite people… ever.
They’re one of those families you can just feel the love oozing out of, you know?  And the laughs are just as abundant? Just what family’s all about.
From the looks of things, Shawn fits in juuust fine.
20110425 HannahShawn (27)
20110425 HannahShawn (8) 20110425 HannahShawn (11) 20110425 HannahShawn (9)
We scheduled this session for one evening, completely unprepared for the off & on (insane) spring downpours that came out of nowhere just a couple of hours before the shoot. Luckily, Hannah & Shawn were amazing, go-with-the-flow champs.
20110425 HannahShawn (20)
We tried to get as many shots in as we could before the clouds dumped again.
All in all, I think we did alright…
20110425 HannahShawn (13b)
20110425 HannahShawn (21)  20110425 HannahShawn (26)
We wrapped it up with a little impromptu railroad fun just as the rain drops started again…
20110425 HannahShawn (31)
 20110425 HannahShawn (29)
We can’t wait for the wedding, guys! Thanks so much for showing off your best poses for us, it was so much fun!

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