Friday, June 17, 2011

Oba, Audrey & Turner (and more!)

This post has been a long time in the making! I made my second visit to Mobile this April. This time it was to celebrate a very special day for Oba. She is one special person and she dared to think we would miss her Freemasons event!! Impossible!
20110403 Mobile-5 
Most of the first morning there, I spent watching the awesome Indian team winning the cricket world cup.  Later, we had a photoshoot with Audrey, Turner and Granny at the Mobile Botanical Gardens.  Do I need to say more here? This was just freaking awesome! The kids had a blast and we snapped a few shots every now and then, when they stopped for a rare breath of air from the usual screaming fun filled banter.
WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 007
 WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 009  WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 010
WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 005  WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 004

WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 006
The hot weather quickly exhausted them and set the mood for Oba's fun filled event where I tried to muster up enough courage to teach the Bollywood ways through an Indian rendition of Pretty Woman.
20110403 Mobile-7 20110403 Mobile-6
WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 011
I must say the day had a perfect ending with one of the best dinners at Felix's. The food was beyond amazing, but hanging out with perfect company really has no comparison.
WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 018 WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 012
 WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 015
The next day we went over to the house for some family time and lazied out in the yard most of the day before we headed back to Atlanta.
Mobile better be ready for another dose of Bollywood beats, crazy afternoons outside and another fun filled trip from fun loving Georgians.
WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 017 WM 20110402 AudreyTurner 001

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