Monday, June 20, 2011

Saras & Paawan

This shoot was nostalgic to myself and our couple because we went back to Southern Poly. Many may not know this, but Pawaan and I actually go waaaaaaay back. I would almost call us diaper friends. (Editor’s note [i.e. Erin here]: You guys wore diapers in college?? Come on. :) Continue, please...) So Saras, you may win his love but I win the battle of whohasknownhimthelongest.
WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (15) WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (14)
This was also a special shoot for us because it was our first studio photo shoot. We started off in the studio capturing Saras adorned in a stunning  Indian saree and beautiful jewelry.
WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (32) 
Following a successful studio session, the SPSU campus was another stage to be conquered. We drew inspiration from nostalgic memories, and their love served as an ever-present muse.
  WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (3) WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (2)
The casual attire brought out another side of the couple’s personalities, which, tag-teaming with the amazing sunset glow, set the mood for some phenomenal pictures.
 WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (23)
WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (22) WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (13)
Loved the shoot guys and can't wait for the wedding!!

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