Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scout & Friends

One entire year has already gone by since this lovely’s very first (and actual) birthday, and seriously she just gets prettier and prettier by the day.

 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-31 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-43

Sometimes I wonder if I’m being biased bragging about her beauty, given that her mother is
(a) a fellow Erin, and really, what's not to love about that? and...
(b) more importantly, one of my all-time best friends from a lonnggg way back.

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-55
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-25WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-12 

But then I look at these pictures, and am reminded that I’m insane, and this kind of beauty just can’t be argued.
Her eyes! Those lips! The crinkled-nose angry face! Come on.

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-27
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-36WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-10 

She celebrated her first year in style, with Bubble Guppies cakes (homemade by her mom and ultra-talented friend Kris!)

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-3 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-40
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOnePreview-3 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-29
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-4

Also homemade by this dynamic duo? The birthday girl’s tutu and pink headband. I know! Shut!Up! Those two are incredible.

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-97 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-74

All of Scout’s best friends were there too, digging into the cake, candy, goody bags and, of course, the inflatable jumping… gym… thing…

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-17 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-22
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-6 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-77
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-88 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-37

And now for some of my favorite moments of the day:
Sorry to break it to you, love, but boys don’t really get funnier with age Winking smile

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-94

…but give them a chance, they definitely have their sweet sides, too. Smile

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-96

Happy 1st birthday, beautiful Scout Hazel! I cannot wait to watch you grow more and more beautiful each year!

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-56

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