Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beth & Devon

Adorable Devon and his beautiful mom, Beth, came to hang out with us while we took some pictures of just the two of them doing what they do best: hanging out, goofing off, loving each other. And we, of course, loved every minute of it! Such cuteness!
WM20111016 BethDevin-30
We quickly learned that Devon is a super fun boy’s boy, constantly on the go, not stopping for a second, always looking for the next height to jump from and beam to balance on … and camera to run away from Winking smile
WM20111016 BethDevin-14
WM20111016 BethDevin-15
So obviously everyone loves the giant smiles and crazy faces that energy overload brings out in photos. But an equal favorite of ours is that post-run-around, brink of exhaustion, looking straight into the camera for a super sweet second. Just. Like. This.
WM20111016 BethDevin-23
And moments like this…
WM20111016 BethDevin-4 WM20111016 BethDevin-3
Of course that only lasts for a second, because a 6 year old’s tank does the Empty to Full refill in 1.6 seconds Smile
WM20111016 BethDevin-43 WM20111016 BethDevin-45
WM20111016 BethDevin-55
Beth and Devon, we’ll happily chase you two around with a camera anytime! Seriously: any! time!
WM20111016 BethDevin-49 WM20111016 BethDevin-22
WM20111016 BethDevin-31