Saturday, November 19, 2011

Culture Connect: Staying Healthy

Chlorophyll provides the green pigment.
Carotene provides a yellowish spectrum in the cell chloroplast.
Anthocyanins make apples red.
CO2 + H2O with light & chlorophyll --> O2 + C(H2O)

How fun is all of that to know? (Besides the random chemical equation of course... unless that's your style?) That is exactly what happened during this event that we photographed. Culture Connect, Inc. did an educational workshop for their youth on ways to stay healthy by focusing on fruits, vegetables and exercise.

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-1 ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-42
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-15

While snacking on some of the colorful foods they were studying, the kids competed in a fun version of
Diet Jeopardy to review everything they’d just learned.
Alex Trebek should keep an eye out for these awesome smart kids in the future...
cause they were going straight for the 500 points and hitting them EVERY single time!

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-3

Next up were the Capoeira experts from Capoeira Maculele to demonstrate some of the artful dance/martial arts moves.
While the instructors are incredibly happy and fun-loving people, they did take a moment to explain that Capoeira was an art form that was both graceful, and at the same time... deadly.

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-36ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-40
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-30
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-37ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-39

Ian translated Mestre Fran’s beautiful Portuguese explanations for everybody, describing the foundation and fun of Capoeira along with the importance of physical activity.

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-41ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-48
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-44

Then it was time for everyone to get active: a quick demonstration, explanation, aaand action!

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-24ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-25ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-27
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-16
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-10 ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-19
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-65
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-57ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-66

This was such a special and fun experience for us. Thanks again, guys—from the looks of the shot below, you had as much fun as we did!

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-86

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