Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kathryn & Dhaval

So, we're slowly coming to terms with the fact that blogging's apparently not our thing. However, we're forever standing by the claim that taking pictures totally is :) So in an effort to share more pictures with you, and to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the thought of putting our clumsy words with all of them, we're going to start talking a lot less, and showing photos a lot more. That's our plan, anyway. We’ll see if we’re any better at that :)

Now, with nothing more than a quick introduction of the fabulous Kathryn & Dhaval who had a very beautiful and fun engagement Puja, feel free to imagine yourself there by living it through the photos below that Nirmal and I had an absolute blast taking! Thanks so much for having us join you guys, we seriously had the best time!

wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-27  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-30
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-2  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-3
ESP20120527 KathrynDhavalEngagementSP (5)
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-6  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-11
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-8  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-13
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-152
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-131  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-110
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-121  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-181
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-203  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-198
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-390  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-392
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-334  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-335
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-332  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-343
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-376


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    awesome Erin! you made me wish I was there!

  2. thanks Erin and Nirmal for capturing this special moment. You guys are truly amazing!!!

  3. These look amazing!