Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tulsi & Krunal + baby Rayna

These two got to meet their beautiful daughter, Rayna, exactly one week after I chased them around Duluth with my camera. Not only was Tulsi a total sport for the whole session, she was still working the day before Rayna was born (in the office Friday, having a baby Saturday!) Amazing and maybe totally crazy ;) Now they’re all happily home, loving their beautiful girl every second they get. And don’t worry, you’ll get to see the newborn photos very soon! But for now, see how they spent their final weekend before becoming their new, beautiful family of 3.

ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-5ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-13ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-11 ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-10ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-7ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-19ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-15ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-3ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-18ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-9ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-6ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-16

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