Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Aanya

As promised, newborn photos! She peacefully snoozed through almost the entire session, except for a handful of very short times. And when she woke up, she woke up yawning. Adorably. Hope you guys enjoy these photos of beautiful Aanya!

ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-3ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-14 ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-16ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-21ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-17ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-6ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-23ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-4ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-7ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-24ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-25ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-26ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-10ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-11ESP20130622 AanyaPatel_WM-22

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